26 juin 2015

It's the holidays !!!

It's the holidays !!!!!!!! It's so cool, I'm so happy to be finally on holiday (but it's gone so quick!), the weather is perfect (may be a bit to hot) and we have put up our swimming pool (it's more like a paddling pool) :-). Any way yesterday I went to the market in Antibe with my mum. We went threw the little streets in the old town were I brought a different coloured all in one shorts and top and I brought presents for my friends birthdays who are coming up very soon. Then we had a wonder arround the market and I brought a nail polish and a bracelet for one of my friends. At lunch time we ate in a backers. I had a bagle and we ate in a room were the walls were made of chocolate (it smelt chocolaty Mmmm...), just when you walked in the backers there was a chocolate fontain and there was macarons all different colours stacked up, princesses shoes made of chocolate, lip stick made of chocolate....... After lunch we hade some really nice ice cream in the bestest ice cream shop (I hade yoghurt and chocolate ice cream).
I'd spent a super dooper day !!!!!! And finally when I came home I went in the swimming pool it was at 26C°......!!!

Hope you're having super dooper fun on you're holidays !!! See you...
Love from Cara xxx :-)

10 juin 2015

#askCara ?

Hiya !!! A few days ago I thought that it would be cool if I would do a "Q and A" on my blog. So, I'm asking everyone who wants to participate, to send me (on my adress mail) your questions that you would like to ask me. For example the products that I use, questions about my blog, if you would like I poste DIY's or recipes... This is my adress mail that you can send your questions to me :
I will leave you 3 weeks (up to the 17th of july 2015) to send me in your questions !!!
I hope that a lot of you will participate, until then thanks a lot !!!

See you xxx :-)
Lots of love from Cara

My nail routine and hand care !!!

Hi everyone ! Today I've decided to write an article about my nail routine and hand care !!! A few days ago, I did a nail and hand care so I thought why don't I show you a few steps to keep your nails and hands in good condition ! ENJOY...!
Step one : The first thing you must do is wash your hands and with a nail brush, clean your nails to take of all the dirt and dust that are under your finger tips.

Step two : If you have any nail polish on your nails, take it of. Then file your nails.

Step three : To whiten your nails, squeeze some lemon juice into a pot and soak your nails for 1 to 2 minutes.

Step four : To take off all the dead skin and to hydrate your hands, prepare a scrub : pour some  olive oil into  a little pot and add some sugar. Mix the preparation then apply with a spon on your hands. Rub some on your nails, hands and between your fingers.

Step five : Rinse your hands and dry them gently with a kitchen towel without taking off the huile.

Step six : Apply some hand cream on your finger tips, hands and between your fingers.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and that it will help you keep your hands and nails in good condition !!!

See you
Lots of love from Cara xxx :-)