20 août 2017

Publishing my story on Wattpad

I love reading mystery, creepy, and thriller novels but I also like love stories too! Writing novels myself is also a big passion of mine! I've always loved inventing and writing stories. Since the end of last year I've been writing my own novel. In the past, when I wrote a story, I'd never finish it but this time I did. I've been writing this new novel for 10 months and I just finished reading it though and correcting the last few things! I'm very pleased with myself that I got to the end of my novel and I'm proud that I wrote it!

Last year I discovered Wattpad. Wattpad is a free application that you can charge on your phone and your computer. On Wattpad you can read stories writen by other people and you can also publish your own stories for free. I decided to publish my novel on Wattpad! If you don't know Wattpad but you love reading, this application is definitely for you. I advise you to try it out and you can also read my story on wattpad if you get the chance. My story is called "Unknown Truth" and it's a Mystery/Thriller.

If you have Wattpad you can search my story and read it! My usersame on Wattpad is Caramia8314. On Wattpad I publish every week a new chapter of my novel. I've already published the first chapter so you can start reading it! I don't know if I will publish my story on my blog, chapter by chapter, but I will certainly let you guys know soon.

To make you discover my story and make you guys want to read it, this is the description of my it!

Description of "Unknown Truth":
Freya is a teenager who recently moved from New York to the south of France. Freya mooves from a magical city to a Mediterranean costal paradise. But is it really paradise ? She moved into the house where her grandmother Carey and her siblings spent their childhood, many years ago. One day Freya sees her grandmother's sister's ghost in the garden. Her name is Jane. Freya wonderes if she's dreaming or does Jane's ghost really exist. Freya learns that Jane was ten when she disappeared and her body was never found. Why has Jane's ghost appeared after many years that she has died ? People say she drowned but Freya wants to know what really happened to her. With the help of her family that remember her, and possessions she finds around the house that belonged to Jane, Freya is going to solve the unknown Truth.

If you get a chance to start reading my story on Wattpad, let me know and tell me what you think of it! Tell me as well if you'd like me to publish my story on my blog for you guys to read it!

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Cara xxx

16 août 2017

Routine makeup and favourite outfit !

Hey guys! Sorry I've not posted any articles on my blog for a few weeks but I've been on holiday and I've not really had time for posting. Hope you like this post, I'll be re-posting from now on so ENJOY!

I'm going to share with you my routine makeup that I do every day at the moment and I just love and an outfit that I loved wearing when I was in England.

First I'll start with my routine makeup. I opted for a natural makeup that you can wear every day without spending an hour in the bathroom. It's very natural but in the same time beautiful and fresh. You can wear it every day and it's not too fancy if you're going to the supermarket or else. 

I really like it, knowing that I'm not really the type of girl that spends ages in the bathroom doing her makeup when it's the holidays. But I like to look nice and off course I like putting makeup on because it looks fresh and summery! It also hides the big cercles under your eyes due to the lack of sleep you get in the summer holidays! I'm not really a makeup girl, I put very little on when I go to school and I only do a fancy makeup when I go to parties or if it's a special occasion.

For my eyes I chose two eye shadows from Arbonne. I've just discovered this brand, it's my older cousin who is an independent consultant and sells products from Arbonne. Arbonne is a brand that sells organic beauty products and makeup. My cousin gave me some samples of beauty products and makeup, so I just thought I'd use them. You don't have to absolutely use products from Arbonne, it's quite an expensive brand, you can use any eye shadow.

I put a mat dark red brownish color in the outer lid and middle lid, in the Arbonne brand it's the sequoia eye shadow. And in the inner lid I put a light glittery color, in the Arbonne brand it's the opal eye shadow.

I added only a little marcara on my lashes. Then I just added the Avon Glow bronzing pearls arround my face to give a slight glow and some color to my cheeks. I added some rosy lips Vaseline on my cheek bones to give a small shimmery look to my face. Finally I put some vaseline on my lips.

And that's it for the makeup ! Now I'll describe what I loved wearing while I was in England at the begining of the summer.

I loved wearing my baggy jeans that I bought at Bershka and with my black and white striped top that I bought at Jennyfer I think. And the shoes I was wearing are some simple black Converses.

That's it for my routine makeup and my favourite outfit. Hope you enjoyed this post !

Cara xx

5 juil. 2017

My favourite recipe!

Résultat d’images pour italian bruschettas

My favourite recipe is really easy to do. It's ITALIAN BRUSCHETTAS, that I saw in Italy when I went in May, and it made me want to make them at home.

Bruschettas are basically a piece of toast bread, normally I use baguette, and then you can add whatever you want on the top, I normally add some mozarella, tomatoes,cured ham and some basil, then you just put it under the grill... and you're done!

Résultat d’images pour italian bruschettas

It's really hot in the South of France at the moment, and it just a nice fresh and simple meal to do for lunch. I made some last week when my friends came to stay and they really enjoyed them. You can make bruschettas as a starter or even for a simple little brunch!

As I've said you can add whatever you want on top, you can put red pepers, olives, cheese, tomato sauce, mushrooms, cured ham, courgettes... It's really nice if you top it up with some spices or some herbes!

What's your favourite recipe ?


4 juil. 2017

A day at Rockingham Castle!

As you know if you've read my articles and followed my blog for quite a while, each year I go from France (where I live) to England to visit my family who lives there. I took the plane from Nice to Luton last friday and since that day I've been staying in England at my grandmother's house in a small village called Loddington. 

Last Sunday we went to visit Rockingham Castle. Rockingham Castle is situated near Market Harborough in England, (addresse :  Rockingham, LE16 8TH, Market Harborough). 
My grandmother lives near Kettering and it just took us thirty minutes in the car to get there. 

At the heart of the castle

In the gardens

At the top of the castle

When we arrived we had our picnic then we visited the castle. To visit the castle, we payed 37 £ for two adults and three children. The inside of the castle isn't very big and there are games for children where you have to find things in the diffrent rooms. You can also have a guided tour of the castle but we went round on our own. Once we'd visited the castle, we went outside and visited the grounds. The gardens are beautiful and there is a wonderful country side view. 

The castle gardens

In the gardens

Then we went to have an afternoon cream tea in the castle tea room. It was really nice andthe tea and scones were delicious. They also serve lunch in the tea room. After our tea and cake, we went down to the ice house and the Church.

    The castle gardens

Rockinghmam castle isn' very long to visit so you can easily go with young children. I really enjoyed it and it was a nice day out! 

 The church


11 juin 2017

Summer Reading Books !

For this summer, I've chosen eight fabulous books to read. Of course it's just a few ideas for you guys, you don't have to read every book and besides you've probably read some of them.  

The first book is Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. I've already written about this book on my blog in a previous post about how much I liked it. I read this book last summer for school and I just loved it. This is certainly my favourite book!
Résultat d’images pour rebecca by daphne du maurier

The second book is Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell. I read this book a few weeks ago and I just loved it. I read it in just a week and I couldn't stop reading it. Probably some of you guys aren't going to like this book because it's very creepy. But I love creepy books but it's maybe not something everyone likes.

Résultat d’images pour Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell

This third book is Call The Midwife by Jennifer Worth. I bought this book because I'm a fan of the series Call the Midwife and the series are based on the best-seller books by Jennifer Worth. I've not finished this book yet but I really like it so far.

Résultat d’images pour Call The Midwife by Jennifer Worth book

This  book is another one by Jennifer Worth that I've not read yet.

Résultat d’images pour In The Midst of Life by Jennifer Worth book

This book is Listen To the Moon by Michael Morpurgo. I read this book quite a while ago and I just loved it. It's probably the easiest book to read but it's an amazing story!

Résultat d’images pour Listen to the Moon by Michael Morpurgo

This book is Shadow by Michael Morpurgo. I also read this book a while ago and I really liked it. 

Résultat d’images pour Shadow by michael Morpurgo

These two last books, Life after Life by Kate Atkinson and The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins are books I certainly want to read. I've not read yet but they're certainly on my reading book list for this summer. My Mum read them and she liked them especially The Girl on the Train. I can't wait to read them and I also know that there's a film that's based on the book The Girl on the Train. 

Résultat d’images pour Life after Life by Kate Atkinson

Résultat d’images pour The Girl on the train by


7 mai 2017

London theatre trip Diary!

Big Ben

The last week of my holidays, from the tuesday 18 till the saturday 22 of April I went on a theatre trip with my school friends at London.

St Paul's Cathedrale

We took the plane on tuesday from Nice to Gatwick Airport. Then we took the train to St Paul's in London. We stayed i a Youth Hostile near St Paul's. When we arrived at the youth hostile, we went out to see the sights of London. We went to St Paul's Cathedrale, then we crossed the Milleniem Bridge, we passed the Globe theatre and we bought a drink at Starbucks.

The Lyceum Theatre

We had to come back to the youth hostile before going out again to see the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. The Lion King was really good, the costymes, the set and the props were beautiful and very original. There was singing and dancing. There was even an orchestra playing music. The Lyceum Theatre is absolutely splendide too.

Goldsmiths University

The London Eye

The River Thames

The Old Vic Theatre
The next day, we went to visit the Goldsmiths University of London. It's a University for everyone who who's interested in the making of shows, musicals, plays... We did a small workshop with someone who works at the University. Then we went to have lunch Under the London Eye. After lunch we went to the Old Vic Theatre to see the play Rosencrazt and Guildenstern are Dead  by Tom Stoppard. The character of Rosencrazt was played by Daniel Radcliffe, the famous acter who played Harry Potter in the film Harry Potter. After the play, we had two hours of free in central London! So we went to the London Eye, crossed Westminster Bridge and saw Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. Then we walk until the Hungerford Bridge where we crossed to the other side of the river.

The Cuban Restaurant

Me and Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe's signature
After that two hour of freedom, we went to have dinner in a Cuban restaurant in Waterloo Road. The food was delicious, and when you entered the restaurant, you could smell tropical fruits and the entire restaurant was colorfull and filled with exotique music.

St Paul's Cathedrale at night

The Globe Theatre

Then the most exciting night of the entire trip... we saw Daniel Radcliffe. He was still at the Old Vic, where we'd gone to see the play in the afternoon. We took a picture with him and he signed our tickets. It was awesome!

The next day we went to The Poor School in  Pentonville Road at King's Cross to do a two day theatre workshop. For the workshop there was an actor who plays in Line of Duty at the moment, Nigel Boyle and a choreograph Mark Short that created the dances for the olympics before 2000.

China Town
During the two day workshop, we did the musical "Blood Brothers" by Willy Russel. There was dancing and acting. The workshop was really fun and I really enjoyed it. On thursday evening, after the workshop we went to see the play The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night Time at the Gielgud Theatre. It was a great play, I really enjoyed it!

Then on friday, we did our last day of workshop at the Poor School, at the end of the day we performed the musical in front of a few people. Then in the evening we wen to see The Play That goes Wrong at the Duchess Theatre. It was a play really funny with a lot of crazy things happening.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

On our last day at London, we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum at Cromwell Road. The Museum was really lovely and the outside was beautiful too.

After, saturday afternoon we took the plane back to Nice.

To conclude this post, I really enjoyed this trip to London and I was really Lucky to do everything I did there.