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My goals for my academic year (+update)

Hi guys !  Sorry if I didn't publish any posts for a few weeks but with going back to school, I was very busy. I'm going to try to post at least an article every week, it will be every saturdays. Hope back to school has been okay for you. I went back to school on the 4 of september. I live in France so the school squedule is a bit different from the English squedule. The first few days I found it hard to get into the rhythme of it all (waking up early and coming home late). But now I've ajusted to it and I'm going to have time to fully invest myself into my blog. Tell me in the comments how your first day at school went. You've certainly remarked (as you're reading this post) that I changed my blogs' decoration if I can say it that way! Hope you like! Hope you like this post too, I'm writting about my four goals for my academic year. This year I've got a few very important exams at the end of the year so I've imposed myself some goals that I ho…

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