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Publishing my story on Wattpad

I love reading mystery, creepy, and thriller novels but I also like love stories too! Writing novels myself is also a big passion of mine! I've always loved inventing and writing stories. Since the end of last year I've been writing my own novel. In the past, when I wrote a story, I'd never finish it but this time I did. I've been writing this new novel for 10 months and I just finished reading it though and correcting the last few things! I'm very pleased with myself that I got to the end of my novel and I'm proud that I wrote it!

Last year I discovered Wattpad. Wattpad is a free application that you can charge on your phone and your computer. On Wattpad you can read stories writen by other people and you can also publish your own stories for free. I decided to publish my novel on Wattpad! If you don't know Wattpad but you love reading, this application is definitely for you. I advise you to try it out and you can also read my story on wattpad if you get t…

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