5 juil. 2017

My favourite recipe!

Résultat d’images pour italian bruschettas

My favourite recipe is really easy to do. It's ITALIAN BRUSCHETTAS, that I saw in Italy when I went in May, and it made me want to make them at home.

Bruschettas are basically a piece of toast bread, normally I use baguette, and then you can add whatever you want on the top, I normally add some mozarella, tomatoes,cured ham and some basil, then you just put it under the grill... and you're done!

Résultat d’images pour italian bruschettas

It's really hot in the South of France at the moment, and it just a nice fresh and simple meal to do for lunch. I made some last week when my friends came to stay and they really enjoyed them. You can make bruschettas as a starter or even for a simple little brunch!

As I've said you can add whatever you want on top, you can put red pepers, olives, cheese, tomato sauce, mushrooms, cured ham, courgettes... It's really nice if you top it up with some spices or some herbes!

What's your favourite recipe ?


4 juil. 2017

A day at Rockingham Castle!

As you know if you've read my articles and followed my blog for quite a while, each year I go from France (where I live) to England to visit my family who lives there. I took the plane from Nice to Luton last friday and since that day I've been staying in England at my grandmother's house in a small village called Loddington. 

Last Sunday we went to visit Rockingham Castle. Rockingham Castle is situated near Market Harborough in England, (addresse :  Rockingham, LE16 8TH, Market Harborough). 
My grandmother lives near Kettering and it just took us thirty minutes in the car to get there. 

At the heart of the castle

In the gardens

At the top of the castle

When we arrived we had our picnic then we visited the castle. To visit the castle, we payed 37 £ for two adults and three children. The inside of the castle isn't very big and there are games for children where you have to find things in the diffrent rooms. You can also have a guided tour of the castle but we went round on our own. Once we'd visited the castle, we went outside and visited the grounds. The gardens are beautiful and there is a wonderful country side view. 

The castle gardens

In the gardens

Then we went to have an afternoon cream tea in the castle tea room. It was really nice andthe tea and scones were delicious. They also serve lunch in the tea room. After our tea and cake, we went down to the ice house and the Church.

    The castle gardens

Rockinghmam castle isn' very long to visit so you can easily go with young children. I really enjoyed it and it was a nice day out! 

 The church