2 sept. 2015

My summer holidays in England !!! [going to London...]

It's been à long time since I've posted any articles. So today I'm going to write about my summer holidays in England !!! This time my best friend came with us for two weeks !!!

Foxton Locks

The weather isn't that great even in the summer, but fortunatly it wasn't to bad !

Tower Bridge

St Paul's Cathedral

The first few days we spent at my Nan's in England, we went to the village festival, in Loddington. In the afternoon we had an English tea with cake and then in the evening we went to a barbarque. We went to Foxton Locks, where we had a little walk arround the locks and then I had a really nice clotted cream ice cream! Mmmm.......! 

The Shard

Covent Garden

London Eye


I saw my cousin, my uncle and my aunt. My Nan's neighbours have lovely dogs so we took them for walks and played with them...!

Big Ben (Trafalgar Square)

Sherlock Holmes Shop (Baker Street)

We spent two days in London and visited lots of things !!! We went to St Paul's Cathedral, The Millenium Bridge, The globe Theater, Tower Bridge, The shard, Tower of London where we saw some Beefeaters then we went on a boat on the Thames. We went to Trafalgar sqare and went in a few shops at Covent Garden. After that we went to a hotel for the night.

The Thames

 London Eye


The next morning we went to the Sherlock Holmes shop in Baker Street, The London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of parlement, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Horse Gardes Parade then to St James's Park. And to finish we went to Picadilly Circus at M&M's World were we brought some M&M's!!!!

Buckingham Palace


Sadly our time in London was over so we went back home on the train... :-(

Horse Gardes Parade

M&M's World (Picadilly Circus)


A few days later we went to do some shopping with my best friend and we ate  in a lovely coffee shop. We went to Burley where we visited Burley House and then Burley Park.

St James's Park

King's College (Cambridge)

During the last days, before the end of our holidays in England, we went to Cambridge. We saw King's College and went into the church. Then we went punting on the river Cam where we saw some lovely bridges over the river.

Punting on the river Cam (Cambridge)

The bridge of Sights (Cambridge)


King's College (Cambridge)

A few days later our holidays in England were over and we came back home to France !!!
Hope you've enjoyed this article !!!
Love From Cara xxx :-)


Lovely rainbow