27 oct. 2015


Hiya, today I will tell you how to make a super halloween decoration and I will give you the recipe of an awesome cake that you can make for halloween !!!

This decoration is very easy to make and you don't need many things to make it ! You can decorate your house when your friends or family come to celebrate halloween !!! ENJOY...
Materials :                   Halloween candle

- 1 big white candle

- 1 red candle

- a cupple of little plastique spiders

- decoration spiders webs

Method : (I would suggest you to make this decoration on aluminium paper)

1. Lite your red candle and spill some of the wax on the white candle to make a blood effect.

2. Let the red wax dry then stick a cupple of little plastique spiders with super-gluw. You can also decorate it with spider webs.

I hope you have enjoyed this HALLOWEEN decoration !!!

Now, let me give you a really easy recipe for your halloween party ! ENJOY...
Ingredients : Halloween Brownie (this picture has been taken from Jane Asher "Cakes for fun")

- chocolate brownie (you can buy it in a supermarket)

- 1 tube of black writing icing

- 6 chocolate coated mini rolls

- 4 large white marshmallows

- halloween sweets (skeletons, bats, chocolate pumpkins...)

For the buttercream : (clique just below to find a buttercream recipe)

- green food colouring

- green and chocolate sprinkles

Material :

-1 square cake board
Method :

1. Once you have made the buttercream, colour the buttercream using the green food colouring.

2. Spead the buttercream all over your cake board and sprinkle with green and chocolate sprinkles.

3. Using a sharp knife cut out 3 rectangles then cut then in half to make 6 tomstones.

4. Using the writing icing pipie "R.I.P" on the tomstones. Then arange them on your cake board.

5. Add the chocolate coated mini rolls in front of every tomstone.

6. Make the ghosts by cutting the marshmallows in half diagonaly and piping on the features.

7. Finish off by adding your halloween sweets.

I hope you heve enjoyed this halloween recipe and have an awesome halloween party with your friends and family !!!


18 oct. 2015

Delicious Cupcakes !!!

Hiya, during my summer holidays I made delicious cupcakes so I thought why not post the recipe on my blog !

Afficher l'image d'origine

Ingredients :

- 125g butter (at room temperature)
- 125g sugar
- 125g flour
- 2 eggs
- vanilla extract (optional)
- 1tsp baking powder
- sprinkles (optional)
- milk

For the buttercream icing :

- 335g icing sugar
- 150g butter (at room temperature)
- milk
- vanilla extract (optional)
- sprinkles


- ice cream scupe or a spoon
- hand whisk or an electric whisk
- cupcake cases
- disposable piping bag
- metal 8 star nosel

Preparation Method :
1. Preheat the oven to 190C°
2. Put the butter, sugar, flour and 2 eggs in your mixing bowl
3. Add 1tsp of powder and you can also add 1/4tsp of vanilla extract
4. Then add one and a half tbsp of milk
5. Finally mix with starting of slow speed and working to a medium speed
6. You can add sprinkles to your mixture
7. Put your cupcake cases on a metal tray then using your ice cream scoop fill your cupcake cases
8. Put your cakes into the oven for 10mins.
9. To make your buttercream icing, first add the butter in a clean bowl
10. beat the butter for a good 5mins until it turns white and creamy
11. Add a 1/4 at a time of the icing sugar and whisk at a low speed then whisk until all the icing sugar is mixed in  and the mixture it creamy.
12. If your mixture is too thick add 1 or 2tbsp of milk.
13. You can also add 1/4tsp of vanilla extract.
14. Whisk on a low speed and gradually increase the speed of the whisk.
15. Finally, let's get icing ! Pop your nosel into your piping bag, fold the bag over and start spooning your buttercream into your piping bag.
16. Turn your piping bag back over, twist it and ice your cupcakes !
17. Put sprinkles on top of your cupcakes
18. Once you have finished icing the cakesdf leave them to set in the fridge.

I hope you've had fun making these delicious cupcakes !!!!!!!

Love from Cara xxx :-)

4 oct. 2015

My Summer Holidays in the Auvergne !!!

When I came back from England, a week later I went to the Auvergne. My family and I stayed on a lovely farm near where Lisa lives (my best friend who came with us to England.)

I went to see my friend Ines, we rode her poney and it was so hot that we stayed inside all afternoon watching TV.
I went to Lisa's sister's birthday party ! It was awesome. We made a fire and ate marshmallows. We played mimes and went to bed really late. My family and I went to do "accrobranche", we went to visit St Cirq Lapopie, a small village near the river Lot. That day it was really hot. We went on a boat on the river Lot then we had a swim in the river.

We went to the "Rocher des aigles" at Rocamadour. I saw a lovely bird show with birds of pray and parrots flying in the sky. We went canoeing all day, that was cool !!! Finally on the last day of our holidays in the Auvergne, we went to the village festival, we saw a firework show and danced until midnight !

I hope you have spent a lovely summer holiday too !!!

Love from Cara xx:-)