11 sept. 2016

My second day at my new school !

Hi guys !!! Sorry I haven't got back to you since last Sunday but I've had a very busy week.

Anyway, last monday was my second day at my new school. For those who are in the same position as me, I hope it went okay for you.

That morning I started my lessons at 9 o'clock. I don't live that close to my new school. When I was at my previous school I used to get the bus and it would only take me about 15mins to get there. But to go to my new school, there aren't any buses and it's about a 35mins drive (if there's no traffic jams).

On monday morning, when I left home to go to school, (my dad drove me there), the road was choc-a-block. There was an enourmous traffic jam that lasted ages. Hopefully, my dad and I had left earlier to give us some time because we new there would be a lot of traffic.

I was anxious and worried that I would be late to school. It took quite a while to get there but we arrived safely.

When I went into school, I was by myself. Once more I didn't find anyone I new from my class. So I sat on a bench, in the play ground, and waited for my friends. Finally, one of my friends appeared. Then we both went up together for our first lesson : Maths. As you now I don't particularly like maths, (we had two hours of maths...) Again, it was very hot in the classroom!

A few hours later, I went to assembly. The head teacher gave us our English litterature and history-geography teacher. She explained to us the different events of the year to come. And can you believe it, Marina Nemat the author of the novel "Prisonner of Tehran" is coming to our school !!!

During the summer I read her extrodinary novel. I found it amazing. I thought she was a very brave women to have lived threw all those horrible things.

I'm SO excited to meet her !!! Marina Nemat is coming on the 27th of September 2016.
We're going to interview her and if we want she can sign our novels!
I'm sure loads of you will want to know about that fabulous day. I will publish an article on my blog.

After assembly, I ate with my friends at the cantine. We ate on the terrace, it was very nice. Except from the food that wasn't the "most delicious meal I've ever had" but it was okay. When I was at "collège" (Secondary school), the food was a lot better.
Anyway, there's a cafeteria and snacks outside school. I will certainly eat out a few times with my friends.

That afternoon, I finished at 3pm, so it wasn't a long day. Finally when I arrived home, I did my homework (thankfully I didn't have much).

Write to you soon

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4 sept. 2016

My first day at my new school !

Hiya !!! I hope you've all had an awesome summer holiday! Sorry I didn't post any articles on my blog but I went to England to see my family then I went on holiday in the country side, in the center of France, where I spent time with my best friend.

Until now, I haven't had time to post any articles for you but from now on, I will start posting new ones.

This year was a very big step for me because I mooved to another school. It's not exacly the same system than in England. I'm nearly 15 and I've left "college" what you call "Secondery school" in England. I'm now in "lycée" what  you call "college" in England. All though, in England students only go to college when they're 16.

Anyway, as much as changing schools, I've been admitted in an internationnal school not far from where I live (in France). Basicly, I don't know anyone at my new school. It's very new to me, it's bigger that my previous school and the students are older.

In my new school; insted of having all my subjects taught in French and learning English as a second language; I will also have History and Geography taught to me in English as well as having English litterature lessons. English won't betaught like a second language but like a first language. My second language will be Spanish.

Anyway, last thursday was my first day at school. I was slightly nervous but excited to discover my new school. Oh... by the way, nomally in France, you can usually visit your future school but this time I couldn't visit it.

When I got to school, everyone seemed to know eachother. It seemed like I was the only new student that had never been to this school. But when I went in, I made friends with a girl who was also new at this school and she was in the same year as me. I was relieved. Then, we had to see in what classe we were.

There were a lot of students in the playground. And they were all strangers to me. Except for one of them who I'd just meet a few minutes ago... Then a second girl came up to me and said she recognized me from the day when students had to pass a test to be admitted in the school. A few seconds later I recognized her too. She was also new to this school. I was no so anxious now, I had met two girls who were in the same position as me.

After, we went up to find or classrooms. There were still a lot of students in the corridors and it was not so easy to get around. In the end, I recognised a third girl who was also on the day of the test. I was happy that she'd been admitted.

Finnally, I found my classroom. Our principal teacher was quite trange but very nice. She made jokes and teased us during an hour and a harlf. She was very funny and made us all laugh. All though I didn't expect her to do that on the first moornng back to school during an hour. I wasn't used to it, in my previous school, the teachers always looked very serious the first day of school. The incovenient was that it was awefully hot in the classroom.

A few hours later, the teacher gave us our time table, all the important informations and then we visited the school. She showed us where all the different classrooms were as well as the cantine, the cafeteria, and where we can study if we've got a gap in the middle of our time table.

The school is enormous, there's loads of classrooms! I hope I'm not going to loose myself!  

At the end of the moorning, we went to get our books. A few books were given to me, but they weighed an awfull lot! I hope I won't have to carry them along with me all day!  

Finnally, it finished earlier than planned so I had to wait for my dad about three quarters of an hour. I hang out with a few girls who already had homework! I thought I was very lucky not to have homework the first day! As well as having homework, it was a maths exercice. And I don't particularly like maths.

Anyway, I hope you're first day at school went okay, I would be delited to here about them in the comments below!
I will keep you informed of tomorow's "second day at school".