19 avr. 2015

My Super Saturday !!!

Hiya ! I hope you are all okay !! Today I'm going to talk to you about what I did last saturday !!! ENJOY...

As you can see in the title of this article I spent a super saturday. First of all in the morning I went to a shop to look at wooden houses with my dad, because I'd asked for one for my birthday. Then I went horse riding; we had a really nice walk, we galoped and we saw polo  horses. OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw my chemistry teacher, good job he didn't see me...! I was invited to a birthday party in the afternoon so when I came home I quickly ate, washed my hair, put on my makeup and a lovely blue lace dress with blue ballerinas (party theme : "end of year ball"). I was a bit late because I'd come home late from horse riding. The birthday was super. We dressed up and took photos and then we put  on our cossies . We had to walk around carring a tray with one hand that had glasses filled with water on it. We then shut all the windows, turned on a special light that progected images on the wall, and turned  the music on for a disco .We did some funny sketches, then my mum came to get me and we went to eat at a chinese restaurant. When we came home I put my pyjamas on and watched  a DVD of Mr.Bean.

I Hope you spent a good week end too, see you !!!
Love from Cara xxx:-)

12 avr. 2015

Welcome to my Blog !!!

Hiya, I'm Cara and welcome to my blog "Gorjuss Things" !!! On my blog you will find funny articles about my day to day life, all the things I love : makeup, fashion, beauty... You will also find recipes and DIY's; my thoughts and opinions. I hope you will like my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Twice a week you will find a new article.
                                                                     See you
                                                          lots of love from Cara xxx:-)
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