14 févr. 2017

My Favourite BBC TV shows!

Hi guys !!!

My favourite BBC TV shows, stating with Call The Midwife. Off course, if you live in England, you must know or at least heard about Call The Midwife. This TV show is my favourite, I've watched all the series and now I'm following series 6 that's on every Sunday at 8pm in England on BBC One.

If you like drama, Call The Midwife is the right thing for you! This TV show follows the lives of a group of midwives and nuns working in the poverty-stricken of the East End of London during the 1950s and early 1960s.

Call The Midwife has recently won the National Television Awards of 2017!

The TV series are based on the Memoirs of Jennyfer Worth.

The series of Call The midwife is created by Heidi Thomas and produced by Hugh Warren. The main actors and actrices are Jenny Agutter, Helen George, Bryony Hannah, Stephen McGann, Emerald Fennell, Laura Main, Judy Parfitt, Charlotte Ritchie and Cliff Parisi.

Résultat d’images pour call the midwife 2017

Résultat d’images pour call the midwife

Résultat d’images pour call the midwife with baby

My second favourite series I like watching is Death In Paradise!

Death in Paradise is a British-French crime comedy drama television series set in the Carabean.  

I've watched all the series and now I'm following series 6 every Thursday at 9pm on BBC One.

The series are created by  Robert Thorogood, and the main actors are Kris Marshall, Joséphine Jobert, Sally Bretton, Danny John-Jules, Elisabeth Bourgine and Don Warrington.

I really like this series because I love crime and mistery and the place where it's filmed really makes you dream.

Résultat d’images pour death in paradise 2017

Résultat d’images pour death in paradise 2017

Finally, my favourite series I love is Sherlock Holmes.

I've watched all the series and tried to follow the fourth series that came out in last January on BBC One but unfortunately it came on too late for me to Watch in the evening.

Anyway, I think the DVD has come out, so I'm probably going to buy it.

Sherlock Holmes is a crime drama television series based on Sir Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories. The series is set in the modern world in London.

The series are created by  Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. The main actors are Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Rupert Graves, Mark Gatiss, Louise Brealey and Amanda Abbington.

Résultat d’images pour Sherlock holmes 2017 BBC

3 févr. 2017

My Daily Beauty Routine!


This is my beauty routine I do nearly every day. It's been a few months, I've been using the same products and they're really affective.

For my hair I use a very affective shampoo made with natural and prurifying clay. I found that this product is really addapted to my type of hair (longue and thick). I wash my hair twice with this shampoo.

Résultat d’images pour dessange shamping

Then I use a conditionner PANTENE and I leave it to soack into my hair before rincing it out.

Résultat d’images pour Pantene conditionner

For my body I use a scrub RUB RUB RUB from LUSH then a body wash from THE BODY SHOP, The British Rose.

Résultat d’images pour The body shop british rose body wash

Résultat d’images pour rub rub rub body scrum lush

After my shower, I apply a body butter from THE BODY SHOP, The British Roses, to hydrate my skin.

Résultat d’images pour the body shop british rose body glow
For my face, I regularly use the same products to clean and stop any imperfectioncs. I use a moisturising facial wash by SIMPLE that I bought in Boots.

Résultat d’images pour simple moisturising facial wash

After I use a exfoliating cream with vitamine E from THE BODY SHOP.

Résultat d’images pour the body shop exfoliator cream vitamine E
I apply an Intense hydrating mask from YVES ROCHER.

Résultat d’images pour intense hydrating mask Yves rocher
I apply a hydrating pure calmille cream from YVES ROCHER and a few dabs of Tea Tree blemish stick that I bought in Boots, to cure any spots and imperfections on my face.

Résultat d’images pour pure calmille cream Yves rocher
Résultat d’images pour tea tree blemish stick boots

Finally, to hydrate my hands I use a Hand beauty care from YVES ROCHER with organic Arnica.

Résultat d’images pour hand beauty care yves rocher organic arnica

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